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BidPrime Research Blog

Bill Culhane
Thursday, March 30 2017

'The Big Bid Theory' - Survived our sabbatical! Let there be knowledge, frivolity, and #CrazyBids

We’re back! The new season is off and running...well, jogging occasionally. Dr. Rodney Rohde, our resident U.S. health expert, updates us on the latest in healthcare, what a Trump presidency means, what you don’t know can hurt you, aircraft mechanics and more.

#CrazyBids will be “resurrected” in the next episode. Literally.

Reminder: April 23rd-29th is Medical Laboratory Professionals Week. Be sure to thank your local Lab professionals!

All of that and more. A lot more!

Click below to listen.

To stay up to date on U.S. health, here’s who Dr. Rohde recommends we all follow: Dr. Peter Hotez, Dr. Tom Frieden, and Ryan McNamara, PhD.

Dr. Rodney Rohde on Twitter: @RodneyRohde

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Bill Culhane
Tuesday, March 28 2017

Body Worn Cameras 3.0: Industry Analysis Video Series

Law enforcement use of body worn cameras continues to be a discussion topic and growing industry across the United States. As you're possibly aware, we have reported extensively on this industry over the past few years. In this video report, we brought in an expert to shed some additional light. Asst Chief, Ely Reyes, from Austin Police department, joined us to cover a number of relevant BWC topics.

Some of the data: Over the past year, there have been close to 200 new requests for the body worn camera technology. Over this time period, the U.S. regions leading in number of bid requests have been California, Florida, Texas, Georgia, and New York.

For a historical perspective, here are two of our previous reports:

State & Local Law Enforcement Agencies Grappling With the Purchase of Body Worn Cameras

Surge in Body Worn Camera Requests from Law Enforcement and Government Agencies. The latest...

Here are Chief Reyes' opinions and information on body worn cameras. What are your thoughts?

Video report: Body Worn Cameras

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Bill Culhane
Wednesday, March 15 2017

ERP and CRM Bids - Look at Past Four Quarters

U.S. governments have submitted a steady stream of bid requests for ERP and CRM solutions. The following is a look at our research.

Solicitations over past 4 Quarters:

We will monitor to determine if ERP requests demonstrate the current consistent trend we've noted. In addition, it will be interesting to see if public sector requests for CRM solutions continue to trend upwards. Are there opportunities for you and your business?

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Bill Culhane
Wednesday, March 8 2017

Healthcare & Medical Bids: Industry Analysis Video Series

Talk about an important, busy, profitable industry. We take a look at U.S. and Canadian government bid requests with 'healthcare' and/or 'medical' in the bid titles.

While there are literally 1000's of bids for specific specialties, types of equipment, etc., we looked exclusively at these more broad solicitations.

What's being requested, from where are the most bids originating, who is leading the way on the U.S. federal side? Watch this video for answers to those questions and more.

Our video report:

For more info on these requests, or if you want a more specialized review, call us at 1.888.808.5356, or visit BidPrime.
Bill Culhane
Saturday, March 4 2017

President Trump Impacts Government Purchasing

During his recent address to a joint session of Congress, President Trump spelled out a number of plans. Inevitably, a notable portion of those initiatives will have a significant impact on government purchasing, in turn, opportunity for U.S. business.

Stephen Hetzel and Bill Culhane, from BidPrime, sat down to share their thoughts on Trump's pronouncements. Watch as Stephen points out parallels, and differences, between the present and 2009.

Stephen reviews BidPrime's proactive actions to assist clients and prepare for the upcoming expanded activity.

Video report:

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Bill Culhane
Wednesday, March 1 2017

Rise in Government Purchasing

Back in 2016, government purchasing set records across a number of measurables. In this video, we compared some of the data between 2015 and 2016.

As we noted in a previous report, in 2016, BidPrime captured 1.25 million US and Canadian bids / contracts. That total marked a 14.5% overall increase over 2015.

Watch this video report to see which sectors experienced the most growth in bid requests and also a look at government spending.


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