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Anna Barnett
Friday, October 28 2016

Computer Security a Rising Priority for U.S. Governments

Ah, the memories. Do you recall the olden days of computer technology when the foremost concern for computer security was, "don't write down your password and leave it near your computer"? Times have changed and those in the private and public sectors have had to adjust policies, procedures, and the overall end user mindset as it pertains to protecting computer and data assets. Today, around the globe, there is a burgeoning industry dealing specifically with computer security.

The recent IoT-based DDoS attack is just one recent example demonstrating the threats which are leaving business owners, security experts, and yes, governments concerned...and taking action. No, computer security isn't only a topic for presidential candidates and media pundits. Noting the recent hacker attack, as published in Inc., Joseph Steinberg detailed what happened exactly, what needs to be done, and provides other interesting conclusions.

Gartner, a tech research company, released projections that spending around the globe on information security would hit over $75 billion last year. In large part, that increase beyond what was spent in 2014 was attributed to activity in government purchasing. Not surprisingly, the flurry of abundant purchasing has rolled into 2016. Per Gartner, "Worldwide spending on information security products and services will reach $81.6 billion in 2016, an increase of 7.9 percent over 2015."

Whenever any entity falls victim to hacks, cyber attacks, etc., the consequences can be awful and resulting carnage isn't simply rehabilitated. In countless occurrences, when a public sector concern is compromised, the complications can be even more far reaching and problematic. Here in the United States, we have monitored and noted a myriad of pertinent procurement transactions by U.S. state, local, education, and federal agencies. As we analyzed the 1,222 relevant solicitations over the past twelve months, we constructed the observations to follow.

A look at Computer Security, Cyberterrorism, anti-Hacking bid requests:

Sample active bids / RFPs

Computer Security, Cyberterrorism, anti-Hacker

Information Technology (IT) Security Assessment NY
FAMU University Network Vulnerability Scan and Penetration FL
IoT5: Cloud, Big Data, and Security and Privacy DC
Cyber Security Audit IL
Digital Forensics Services TX

Hide those passwords and best of luck securing your assets. For more information on the relevant bid requests, and to review the bid documents, call us at 1.888.808.5356, or see our website: BidPrime.
Bill Culhane
Thursday, October 27 2016

'The Big Bid Theory' - Set Your Business Apart thru Excellent Customer Service, Raising Arizona in #CrazyBids, and a Reverse Jinx!

We are all fans of receiving excellent customer service when we’re the customer, but is your business providing effective customer service? Peter Holtgreive, from Partners in Business Excellence, shares some suggestions on how to ensure your business provides excellence in customer service. A few friends of the show also weighed in with their suggestions and Peter closes down his segment with a prediction on how customer service will look in the next decade.

In #CrazyBids, the state of Arizona is making it easier for Dads and Moms to pay child support. Check out their idea.

Reverse jinx! Bill and Tony talk about the Cubs and the Cubs win. What curse of the Billy Goat?

All of that and more. A lot more!

Click on image to listen.

Partners in Business Excellence:

Peter’s LinkedIn:

For details about the show, to share podcast ideas with Bill or Tony, give BidPrime a call at 888.808.5356 or visit BidPrime.
Bill Culhane
Tuesday, October 25 2016

Plumber: Industry Analysis Video Series

Did somebody call a plumber?

U.S. government agencies do. Over the past year, the public sector has submitted 4,163 requests for plumbers, plumbing equipment, and related solutions and services.

The most active U.S. regions are: Ohio, New York, California, Texas, and Virginia.

Watch Bill Culhane discuss the procurement activity and we reveal some of what is actually being requested and purchased.

Click on the below image to see the video.

To see the solicitations and the bid documents, call 1.888.808.5356, or visit BidPrime.
Bill Culhane
Thursday, October 20 2016

Virtual Reality and Simulation Technology Leveraged by Governments is Reality.

How time flies when somebody is looking into the future. Over 80 years ago, noted science-fiction author, Stanley G. Weinbaum, envisioned and wrote about a technology that would enable the user to journey to a fictional setting. In reality, we know now that Weinbaum was describing what we understand to be virtual reality.

You're likely aware that the gaming industry, filmmakers, and healthcare have long drawn on the power of virtual reality and simulation, but were you aware that government agencies, law enforcement, and the military are purchasing and applying the technologies also? Much like the private sector and John and Joan Q. Consumer, U.S. state, local, education and federal agencies are seeking and procuring powerful computer and mobile driven technologies.

A key driver has been the rapidly thriving graphics and 3D industries helping to stimulate virtual reality and simulation product advancements. For example, many in law enforcement are using virtual reality and simulation technology to train officers on use of lethal force situations, firearms and incident response training, and more. See what Ava Kofman wrote in The Guardian about agencies putting virtual reality to use in training programs.

There appears to be no end in sight for the industry. As reported in Forbes, Alexa Davis noted in her article, "Virtual Reality, Real Profits: 11 Great Stocks To Play The Coming VR/AR Boom", "A recent Goldman Sachs research report predicts the VR/AR industry, which introduces users to virtual realities and brings digital information to the physical world, may soon become an $80 billion market ($45 billion in hardware and $35 billion in software) by only 2025." As usual, public sector investment has played a meaningful in this progress.

Since January 2014, there have been 2,905 government bid requests for virtual reality and simulation type solutions.

Here are the four states which have spearheaded the solicitations activity. BidPrime, an industry leader in the government bid database and research industry, identified and reported that Maryland, California, Virginia and Florida are the leading U.S. states in terms of overall number of government bids issued since January 2014.

Back in May 2016, Mohana Ravindranath reported in NextGov how federal government agencies continue to use virtual reality to meet training needs, but there are possibilities for state and local departments as well. As noted in, 'Is Virtual Reality the Key to Government's Training Woes?', cost savings is a major motivation for taking advantage of the technology.

Federal departments have led substantially in the overall number of relevant bids submitted. Over the past thirty-three months, October 2014 is the only month in which applicable federal bids did not outdistance state and local.

Since 1929, when Edward Link created his “Link trainer”, the first flight simulator, the military has continued to use simulators to train pilots. Having experienced an RF-4 Phantom simulator at RAF Alconbury, in Alconbury, England, I can attest to the "reality" of flight simulators. The military continues to expand their use of virtual reality and simulation to provide real world experience for combat, medical, vehicle operation, and other training genres.

Overview of bid request activity for Virtual Reality and Simulation:

Stanley Weinbaum and the other forefathers of science-fiction couldn't possibly have predicted where virtual reality and simulation are today. There continues to be compelling evidence that use of the technologies is, and will, continue to rapidly multiply.  As certain, the public sector will be right there for the fascinating journey. What's next?

Sample active bids / RFPs

Virtual Reality and Simulation

Virtual Reality Video System MS
Ambulance Simulator GA
Firearms Training Simulator TX
Virtual Reality Headsets CA
Airborne Techniques Simulator NY

For more information, visit BidPrime or call us at 1.888.808.5356.
Bill Culhane
Tuesday, October 18 2016

Security, Emergency Response, Loss Prevention: Industry Analysis Video Series

Security is a high priority for governments. As we've noted previously in our blog and video library, the threats continue to rise and governments, at all levels, have to be prepared. State, local, and yes, federal agencies are investing in equipment, services, and solutions related to security, emergency response, and loss prevention.

As you will see and hear in this video, governments are submitting 100's of relevant requests from literally across the United States.

Click on the below image for the video.

To review the bid requests and bid specs, please call 1.888.808.5356, or visit BidPrime.
Bill Culhane
Monday, October 17 2016

Healthcare in the U.S. Not Just a Talking Point for the Election.

If you have followed the U.S. presidential campaign and/or watched the two debates between Donald Trump (R) and Hillary Clinton (D), you have heard a wild array of topics thrown out and discussed. You will be glad to know that we will refrain from inserting any, many editorial comments. As is the case in any election I have witnessed, and not strictly pointing towards elections for U.S. presidents, "healthcare" is always debated, early and often.

The current election cycle has assuredly been no different. As I watched Debate Two, I said to my wife and some friends, "Donald and Hillary are going back and forth on the present condition of U.S. healthcare, I wonder what U.S. governments are doing about healthcare within their direct spheres of influence?" If you want to strike up some emotion in people, mention "healthcare". Since my wife is a critical care nurse at a large metropolitan hospital, trust me, I hear about healthcare on a daily basis.

With the goal of making this report more manageable, I purposely avoided looking across the broad spectrum of every nuance, every specialty within the universe that is healthcare. Of course, if we drilled down into specific data, for example, "Radiology" or "Lab", the bid request hits would be enormous. With that said, check out the following infographic to assess the position of bid requests for "healthcare" and "medical"?. Oh, and get the popcorn ready. Debate Three is right around the corner.

Bid requests with "Healthcare" or "Medical" in the title:

Sample active bids / RFPs

Healthcare and Medical

IT Healthcare Support Services DC
Medical Products Distribution & Services NC
Lease of the Morris View Healthcare Center NJ
Medical Clinical Services CA
Actuarial Consulting Services for Healthcare and Cafeteria Plan MD

For more information on these requests, and the bid specifications, please call 1.888.808.5356, or visit BidPrime.
Bill Culhane
Thursday, October 13 2016

'The Big Bid Theory' - Change can be hard, losing is worse. Lean Six Sigma is here to help. This #CrazyBids removes a stigma.

Chuck Cox, a Principal at Firefly Consulting, shares words of wisdom on why process improvement is important, explains Lean Six Sigma, and predicts Big Data and computing power will impact process improvement in the near future. Is your business constantly evaluating, evolving, getting better?

The state of New York is attempting to remove the stigma associated with drug use in this #CrazyBids. Let us know your take.

Remember, Kallas with two “l’s” and is this the year, finally, for the Cubs? No jinx.

All of that and more. A lot more!

Click on image to listen.

Chuck’s LinkedIn:

Firefly Consulting:

For details about TBBT, to contact Bill or Tony, and to discuss doing business with the government, call BidPrime at 888.808.5356 or visit BidPrime.
Bill Culhane
Tuesday, October 11 2016

Taxes: Industry Analysis Video Series

If you've followed the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign, you know that taxes has been a part of the conversation for Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. You also know that taxes are always on the minds of governments throughout the country. Local, state, and federal governments rely on taxes to operate. As a result, governments submit associated bid requests.

At BidPrime, we've had taxes on our minds for quite a while. Back in March 2016, we reported on government bid request activity related to taxes. Read the analysis here.

We'll let the voters decide if taxes have been released on time and if everyone is paying their fair share. Here's the latest on solicitations for voting-related equipment, supplies, solutions and services by your governments.

Click on the below image for the video.

Remember to vote and to see the bid requests and associated bid documents, please call 1.888.808.5356, or visit BidPrime.
Bill Culhane
Thursday, October 6 2016

Can you hear me now? Government agencies are making sure all is loud and clear.

Research on public sector bid requests for mobile, field and other communications:

Sample active bids / RFPs


Radio Tower and Radio Devices CO
Furnish & Install Public Address and Customer Information Screen NY
Call Box and Motorist Aid Support Services CA
Muni Ct - Wireless Headset OH
Antenna System MD

For more information on these requests, and the bid specifications, please call 1.888.808.5356, or visit BidPrime.
Bill Culhane
Tuesday, October 4 2016

Mosquito Control & Zika Virus: Industry Analysis Video Series

As part of a larger crisis in U.S. public health, the Zika virus continues to be a top concern for medical professionals and public health agencies. We have been on this subject for the past six months. Do you think enough is being done? Let us know your opinion.

Our blog from April 2016: Mosquito Control, Zika Virus, Governments Act

We weren't done. Six weeks ago, we visited with Dr. Rodney Rohde, a noted authority on the topic of U.S. public health, to include the Zika virus.

Part 1
Part 2

Here we go again. Watch the following video for our video analysis with updated statistics and information.

Click on the below image for the video.

To review the referenced bid requests and to see the bid documents, please call 1.888.808.5356, or visit BidPrime.