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BidPrime Research Blog

Bill Culhane
Thursday, June 30 2016

'The Big Bid Theory' - Terrorism, Inc. author talks funding of ISIS and imminent terror threats. Jim surfs, kayaks...and read a book.

Special Episode: Part 1 of interview with Dr. Colin Clarke (@ColinPClarke), noted expert on terrorism. Dr. Clarke covers his background, some history on terrorism, how terrorists find funding, and more...

Jim is back from San Diego (or was it Tijuana?), Bill is headed to Chicago to visit potential business partners and the Cubs.

In #CrazyBids, Jim unearthed a request having to do with Since Time Immemorial (STI) and online curriculum.

All of that and more. A lot more!

Click on image to listen.

On behalf of everyone at TBBT, we hope you and yours have/had a great 4th of July. As Bill said, fly that flag proudly!

Terrorism, Inc.: The Financing of Terrorism, Insurgency, and Irregular Warfare - Order here.

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Anna Barnett
Thursday, June 30 2016

Splish, Splash! Public Sector Cooling Off with Splash Pad Purchases

You're a city or local government and you don't have the resources, or it's impractical, to invest in pools. Unless you have the budget, I could make a joke about digging a hole in the ground and dumping money in it, but I won't. Or, did I? Anyway, what do you do when your constituents, did I say "kids"?, want to cool off during these scorching summer days? Splash pads! In the past year alone, we have seen 109 such purchase requests from various state, local, and other public sector agencies.

How do you get ready for the 4th of July weekend? When I'm done buying all the goodies needed for our barbeque, I read about splash pads. You? I just read on how the city of Philadelphia is helping parents out by soaking their kids. Well, read the article and you'll see it's actually awesome...and refreshing.

Splash pads industry is actually a billion dollar industry and trending up, up, upwards. I predict the sun will be around for years to come, so I foresee splash pads being in demand.

So, how are government purchases helping to make things go swimmingly for the splash pad industry? ...

Splash Pads in Pictures and Data...

Sample active bids / RFPs

Splash Pads...

Splash Pad Improvements NE
Design Services ~ Horne Parkette Splashpad Ontario, Canada
Splash Pad for the Town of Rogersville AL
Splash Pad Design and Installation IN

Contact us for more info, the bids, and the bid specifications. Call 1.888.808.5356, or visit BidPrime. You can also take advantage of a free, zero obligation, no credit card required trial.
Bill Culhane
Wednesday, June 29 2016

Professional Services: Industry Analysis Video Series

Does one of the below describe your area of expertise, what you do?

  • Accountant
  • Actuary
  • Architect
  • Engineer
  • Evaluator
  • Financial Planner
  • Investment Manager
  • IT Consultant
  • Lawyer
  • Management Consultant

Potentially, there are significant opportunities for you and your firm/business/practice. Numerous public sector agencies outsource for various professional services. We continue to see hundreds of relevant bid requests from agencies in the United States and Canada.

As a follow up to his ongoing review of Professional Services, Bill Culhane reports in the following video. In addition, Bill reminds everyone why keywords (current) are far more useful than codes (outdated).

Not sure if public sector is a good fit? That's fair. Contact us to discuss current opportunities by calling 888.808.5356, or visit BidPrime.
Bill Culhane
Tuesday, June 28 2016

Body Worn Cameras: Industry Analysis Video Series

What is your opinion regarding the use of body worn cameras? This is fact, not opinion: nearly every major police department in the United States is either using the technology or are actively considering implementation. For the past two years, we have watched, analyzed, and reported on the growth of this industry.

For example, here is our original video from a little over a year ago. In addition, here is Jim Ward's January 2016 report, which was also published in 9-1-1 Magazine.

So far, 2016 has continued to be a busy year for the body worn camera industry. Please watch this video for the latest.

To discuss the body worn camera industry, and the myriad of relevant bid requests, please call us at 1.888.808.5356, or visit BidPrime.
Bill Culhane
Monday, June 27 2016

Car Sharing and Local Ride Sharing: Industry Analysis Video Series

Need a ride? Throughout the United States, even governments are getting involved with contracting for car and ride sharing services. As far back as September 2014, we noted the trends and reported on the growth of the industry. Read our 2014 report.

Today, we're back it. Here's our video report with an update on the billion dollar industry.

Our video report:

To discuss this industry, and associated bid requests, please call us at 1.888.808.5356, or visit our website BidPrime.
Bill Culhane
Friday, June 24 2016

'The Big Bid Theory' - Golfing in Plaid, Bad Jazz Being Bad and Jim on Willie’s Bus

This episode? Golf, plaid pants, beer girls, Pulitzer Prize, Willie Nelson’s bus, and the Navy rocking out to jazz music. Yep, typical stuff on TBBT.

Tales of Ordinary Madness returns to TBBT and Jim gives us a golf lesson on why golf isn’t his cup of tea. Especially, JW is not so fond of the plaid pants.

Jim was published...again. Jim drops some knowledge with details from his report on command vehicles published in 9-1-1 Magazine. But, that wasn’t all. Jim hints about his time spent on Willie Nelson’s bus doing…[redacted].

Click on image to listen.

#CrazyBids is a U.S. Navy request for jazz music. Who even likes jazz? Not Jim.

All of that and more. A lot more!

Great Lakes Biomimicry fundraiser:

To contact Jim Ward, call us at 888.808.5356 or visit BidPrime.
Bill Culhane
Thursday, June 23 2016

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations: Industry Analysis Video Series

Here's an electrifying topic! As a follow up to Jim Ward's report back in 2014, this video is the latest on what's going on with public sector purchases of electric vehicle charging stations.

Curious. Are these in use in your community?

Our video analysis:

For more info about the bid requests in this industry, call us at 1.888.808.5356, or visit BidPrime.
Jim Ward
Tuesday, June 21 2016

Command Vehicle Bid Requests and Purchases

Public sector purchasing command vehicles to prepare for the next disaster.

The clock is ticking. Where is help? When help arrives, will they be prepared? Based on history, and recent events have unfortunately confirmed, there are a preponderance of examples whereby first responders have required appropriate resources. During disasters, there are a handful of factors which can result in an effective response. Among them, trained personnel, leadership, communication, and command and control are but a handful of those elements.

Over the years, I have met a number of heroes from the first responder community. A few takeaways I learned from my discussions with them: 1. Timely, effective communication is many times the key to success, 2. The shorter the gaps from on-site leadership to engaged personnel, the better. 3. Once an event or disaster is underway, it's too late to get prepared.

Earlier this month, during taping of 'The Big Bid Theory' podcast, Bill Culhane and I interviewed Jake Dirr, who is the Public Information and Marketing Manager for the Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management in Austin, Texas. Mr. Dirr provided firsthand testimony on how many of the threats, both natural and otherwise, are intense, at times chaotic. A proactive, joint effort is required to be ready before, during, and after events occur. Well, a part of this "joint effort" is ensuring that all components of the responding forces have effective resources to aid in communication, directing of assets, and mitigation of issues.

Over the past 36 months, there has been a consistent pattern of public sector purchasing activity for emergency command vehicles.  In part, this procurement activity is backed by grants from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). In addition, a number of other sources have been responsible for subsidizing funding.

Our study focused on the following command vehicles:

  • Crime Scene
  • EOD
  • Fire/Rescue
  • Law Enforcement

Reference this infographic, New York, California, Florida, Texas, and Virginia have been particularly active. Are agencies within your state's borders falling behind?

I will monitor, and it will be interesting to see, how the remainder of 2016 plays out. I predict the 2016 request and purchasing numbers will eclipse what we have observed in 2014 and 2015. Afterall, when the call comes in, it is too late to get prepared.

To review the bid requests, along with the specifications for command vehicle and related assets, call us at 1.888.808.5356 or visit BidPrime.
Bill Culhane
Tuesday, June 21 2016

Tasers, Pepper Spray & Incapacitation Devices: Industry Analysis Video Series

Late last year, Bill Culhane led a team that researched law enforcement and government agency bid requests and purchases of tasers, pepper spray, and other supposed non-lethal munitions. The report generated an emotional response from many. Where do you stand?

For an update, our team put together the following video.

Our video analysis:

For more info about the bid requests, or to let us know how you feel about the subject, call us at 1.888.808.5356, or visit BidPrime.
Bill Culhane
Friday, June 17 2016

Sharks: Industry Analysis Video Series

In honor of Shark Week 2015, we published a blog. Now, as a lead up to Shark Week 2016, we decided to dive in with this video report. As you'll see there are numerous purchasing requests for shark-related equipment, services, and solutions!

The water is great! Watch the below video.

Our video analysis:

For more information on the purchasing requests, call us at 1.888.808.5356, or visit BidPrime.
Bill Culhane
Thursday, June 16 2016

Fiscal Year End for Many in Education - Purchasing Bells are Ringing!

June 30th Approaches for Education - 944 Bid Requests in June!

Once upon a time, during my days working in the federal government, higher education and healthcare, I recollect the annual pronouncements of, "use it, or lose it!" As in, with the end of fiscal year(s) approaching, thoughts turned towards securing those needed resources and ensuring that budgets were exhausted. The alternative? Well, shudder at the thought.

In the United States, June 30th is highlighted on numerous calendars in classrooms, administrative offices, registrar offices, colleges... The end of the fiscal year for many K-12, higher ed, and other public sector agencies is approaching. As a result, major purchasing, including "quick quotes" is taking place, and opportunities are abundant for those ready to act.

State and local spending on education, according to, and supported by review of various related resources, was approximately $280 billion in 2016. Obviously, federal spending takes that number much farther north. In 2017, estimates show the spending to approach $290 billion.

Today, with the clock ticking on the fiscal year, we again look at procurement activity in Education. This analysis is a more expansive review of the entirety of education-related bid request activity over the past eleven months, aka typical school year.

Note the following infographic. As is usually the case, the bid activity warms up around March and carries through the end of June. The data/research...

Back in February 2016, our Anna Barnett reported specifically on the purchase requests for classroom technology equipment, services, and solutions. Go here to read, "Classroom Technology - Education Bid Requests".

If you aren't sure if these requests are a fit for you or your business, we understand. Of course, we have the bid specifications available for your review. In the event the timing isn't right, what are you doing to prepare for next school year? We stand ready to work with you to be ready for that next opportunity.

For a detailed, historical analysis on education-related bid requests and/or for info on current, active bid requests, call us at 1.888.808.5356 or visit BidPrime.
Bill Culhane
Friday, June 10 2016

'The Big Bid Theory' - Apocalypse Now, When Floods & Disaster Strike, Preparedness Expert

The only podcast that brings you floods, wildfires, and goats...

Jake Dirr. Yep, cool name. Jake joined J&B for an informative, interesting overview on disasters...not isolated to Jim’s relationships. Jake gives expert testimony on what to do, not to do, how to prepare. In sum, discover the Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management.

Stats don’t lie. Jim reported that ‘Tales of Ordinary Madness’ was a big hit and that’s no tall tale. Tell your special someone that the segment will be resurrected soon!

Click on image to listen.

The #CrazyBids for this episode is currently active, somewhat disconcerting, and definitely crazy. Listen for the...disturbing details.

All of that and more. A lot more!

Want a firsthand look at this #CrazyBids? Call us at 888.808.5356 or visit BidPrime.
Bill Culhane
Tuesday, June 7 2016

Advanced Metering Technology: Industry Analysis Video Series

Our video reporting on U.S. and Canadian governments requests and purchases of advanced metering technology solutions and services. We identified 753 associated bid requests in the past twelve months. 753 in one year!

Watch the below video to learn more about this important and interesting industry.

Our video analysis:

For more information on this video or associated bid requests, call 1.888.808.5356, or visit BidPrime.
Bill Culhane
Monday, June 6 2016

U.S. Government Spending

Governments in the U.S. request and buy everything, from office supplies to missiles. Far and away, U.S. governments are the leading customer in the world. As we sneak up on the midway point of the 2016 calendar year, now is a good time to see where spending is in 2016 and a look ahead at projections for 2017.

Is your business growing revenues by pursuing and winning these opportunities? If not, including BidPrime, there are numerous agencies, programs and individuals at the ready to help you get started.

For more information on pursuing government business opportunities, contact us at 1.888.808.5356, or visit BidPrime.