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BidPrime Research Blog

Bill Culhane
Thursday, April 30 2015

Receive bid requests before your competition. Another look at why real time is important when pursuing government business.

Learn how BidPrime makes the government bid process easier for you. Governments are speeding up and timeframes are shrinking dramatically. Don't miss bid requests that are potentially valuable to your business.

By now, most of you know how important real time is when pursuing government business. Here, we take a look at shrinking timeframes and how you can help your business stay ahead of your competition.

For more information about bids in 'real time', or other information, call us at 1.888.808.5356 or visit BidPrime.
Bill Culhane
Friday, April 24 2015

Historical Bid Data - Market Analysis to assist with your business decisions.

We provide an in-depth market analysis so that you can prepare for future business by learning from past trends. Watch our video to get more information on how this market tool can help you with your business decisions!

Our market analysis shows you the total number of bids in your industry over the past year, and also breaks down the bids by federal, state and local, and Canada. In addition, the report shows the most active state and local entities in your industry. You can also see the most active federal entities and the most active regions over the past year.

These features can help you target areas for future business and growth.

We provide bids by category as well. This will show you in which categories you can most often find bids relevant for you. You can also see the top 200 bids in your industry.

Clients are also able to see when huge bids occurred in the past and prepare for important bid renewals.

These market analyses are great tools for our customers who have a niche market or seasonal opportunities.

Our historical bid data provides a vital market tool that can help you make smart business decisions. For more information visit BidPrime or call us today at 1.888.808.5356.
Bill Culhane
Tuesday, April 21 2015

The Big Bid Theory Podcast - 'Birth of a Procurement Podcast'

Bill Culhane and Jim Ward co-host The Big Bid Theory. In this episode, Bill and Jim discuss some public sector procurement news.

We review an industry analysis on body worn cameras and also take a look at automatic license plate recognition (ALPR). Finally, Jim draws on his extensive experience to share tips for winning government business. As an extra bonus, we share other business-related news, an update on the Arsenal Gunners, and more!

Click here to LISTEN.

For more information about the podcast, or any industry info, call us at 1.888.808.5356 or visit BidPrime.
Bill Culhane
Monday, April 20 2015

Public Sector in the Cloud. Government RFP and Bid Requests for Cloud Solutions

Cloud computing has a relatively short, interesting and eventful history. As time rolls on, Cloud has withstood the early days of security questions, ownership, availability and other potential "risks". Every level of government has recognized the benefits and are getting on board with using the technology. This is evidenced in the below infographic, with data and real-world examples illustrating the public sector's expanded leveraging of Cloud technology with increasing regularity.

Why would the public sector want to move forward with Cloud technology? As reported in WIRED, Sujatha Perepa, IBM, recognized the growth and looked at how the government sector joined the private sector in leveraging the power of Cloud, "Why the U.S. Government is Moving to Cloud Computing".

As you can see in our infographic, the breadth of applicable solutions and services requested is broad. The bid requests are originating literally from sea to shining sea. Geographically speaking, the District of Columbia, California, Minnesota, Alabama, and Massachusetts are the leaders in terms of number of notifications put out to bid.

The most active state and local entities have been Mass Bay Transportation Authority, state of Washington, and cities of Opelika, St. Cloud, and Los Angeles. On the federal side, the Department of Veterans Affairs, Department of Commerce, Department of Army, General Services Administration, and Department of Labor have led the way in number of bid requests issued.

The technology itself, along with the players and dollars involved, have combined to stimulate much conversation and analysis. There are many people and sources looking at the procurement and use of information technology, specifically Cloud technology, by city, county, state, and federal entities. Joshua Bleiberg and Darrell M. West blogged, "Analyzing the Federal Government's Use of the Cloud", in Brookings, Feb 9th, 2015.

What about you? Are you looking for Cloud solutions or are you a provider of the technology?

For additional procurement-related information on Cloud, Information Technology, or any other industry, visit BidPrime or call us at 1.888.808.5356.
Bill Culhane
Wednesday, April 15 2015

Compilation of Industry Analysis - A rundown of our ongoing series looking at public sector procurement activity in specific industries.

Here is a one stop landing spot to review our ongoing series of blogs. Each blog is an in depth review of a specific industry and/or solution. We provide background and analyze trends in public sector procurement within specific industries/areas.

If you have an idea for an analysis, please let me know, In addition, you can visit BidPrime for a free, zero obligation trial of our services.

Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR), 3/23/15

Cloud. Public Sector in the Cloud, 4/20/15

Corrections. Prisons, Jails Use of Technology (including Inmate Video Visitation), 4/6/15

Parking Technology, 3/9/15

Police Worn Body Cameras, 1/2/15

Professional Services, 2/23/15

Ride Sharing Transportation, 9/9/14

Ultrasound Systems and Solutions, 2/9/15

Continue to follow our blog for analysis of various industries, call us at 1.888.808.5356, or visit BidPrime.
Bill Culhane
Wednesday, April 8 2015

Roadmap for How to Win in the Government Bid and RFP Process

We all recognize the value in prioritizing. Our clients and team at BidPrime are no different. Of the list of variables involved in being successful in winning public sector business, we have profiled the following three tools that our clients have identified as being indispensable to their success. Afterall, who responds to government bid requests and RFPs just to practice, or for the fun of, submitting responses? Yes, we agree.

Our clients already know the value of receiving bids in real time, only getting the bids they really care about, and leveraging our expertise and resources to find bid documents.

'What is real time?' video.
'What is relevancy?' video.
'What is request docs?' video.

If your current solution isn't helping you win and falls short of saving you time, money, and frustration through real-time, relevancy, and request bid documents, I encourage you to evaluate.

For more details, or to speak with a BidPrime analyst about your goals, call us at 1.888.808.5356 or visit BidPrime.
Bill Culhane
Monday, April 6 2015

Corrections, Prisons, and Jails RFP and Bid Requests, Including Inmate Video Visitation Systems

While the hotly contested debate continues on in regards to the judicial and corrections systems in the United States, the fact remains that corrections facilities, prisons, and jails continue to expand at a high rate.

More facilities are being added and existing facilities are being upgraded. The implementation of inmate visitation systems is but one solution that has come under intense scrutiny as more and more corrections facilities put the technology to use.

In conjunction, we have noted a corresponding increase in the number of RFP and bid requests submitted by applicable federal, state, county, city, and municipal entities.
In the past twelve months alone, we have tracked 420 requests for inmate visitation, phone, video, and other technical-type systems/solutions. In addition, there is an equally robust number of requests for other corrections-related services, solutions, items as well.

Of course, the inmate population totals fluctuate literally on a by the minute basis. There are a myriad of sources and databases reporting the number of adults currently incarcerated in the United States. It is a conservative estimate that there are well over two million adults in federal, state, and/or county prisons and jails. Of these, there are approximately 200,000 federal inmates. Research shows that these numbers are a 400-500% increase from three decades ago.

For an eye opening comparison, in the census performed in 2013, Chicago, Illinois reported a population estimate of 2,718,782 and Houston, Texas an estimate of 2,195,914 people.

With these increases in facilities, expansion of facilities, and numbers of inmates, there is a clear, corresponding growth in corrections expenditures. Again, there are an overwhelming number of sources documenting the approximated and projected funds in support of these facilities. Really, a prodigious number of sources and groups compiling and reporting statistics, analysis, opinions, etc...

The Bureau of Justice Statistics, Dr. Tracy Kyckelhahn, published a report on Dec 5th, 2013, Local Government Corrections Expenditures, FY 2005-2011, which documented the dollars spent during the mentioned seven year period. Included therein, "In fiscal year 2011, local government spent $26.4 billion on corrections. Between 2005 and 2011, the annual expenditures by local government varied between $25.8 billion and $28.4 billion." Dr. Kyckelhahn's data can be found here.

If you have any questions or comments, or would like additional details about these, or other, RFP and bid requests, call us at 1.888.808.5356 or visit BidPrime.
Bill Culhane
Friday, April 3 2015

Why BidPrime? Request Bid Docs, Real Time, Relevant Bids All Covered in One Video!

Why choose BidPrime? We provide features such as requesting and finding bid docs, documents in real time, and relevant bids that make the bid process better for you.

Save time with our request and find bid documents feature. Some government sites will require login credentials or payment to view a bid, which can be time consuming and frustrating.

BidPrime gets you as close to the bid documents as possible. We have many of the bid documents available for download in our system and if the document you want is not readily available, you can request for it to be sent to you.

Because we hold registrations with most state entities we can provide these bid specs for you.

We provide documents in real time. The amount of government bids is growing rapidly, but the period between issuing and closing a proposal has shrunk from an average of 20 days to seven days or less. Other services mostly rely upon scraping bids from each entity’s website. This process delivers bids several days after the issue date, or completely misses bids.

Because over half of government entities only post 1 to 2 bids per month, most databases neglect smaller opportunities.

Meanwhile, our technology takes RFP data from over 100,000 entities and posts it in real time on the BidPrime website.

BidPrime makes it easy to refine your government bid search to fit your business’s direct needs through relevancy. Other government bid search engines rely primarily on NIGP codes which leaves clients having to sort through irrelevant bids. BidPrime uses keywords to get you the most relevant bids.

For further customization you can use the “Advanced Search” feature, which allows you to exclude keywords and avoid any bids you don’t want to see.

Every one of our clients is assigned an account manager who will help you customize your account and assist you in your government bid search, making it that much easier!

With all the special features and benefits BidPrime provides, why wouldn’t you choose us? Visit BidPrime or give us a call today at 1.888.808.5356!