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Nebraska Government Bids

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Wiman Park Water Tower Coating – East Moline, Illinois Nebraska Nov 1, 2016
RFP-1609 Statewide On-Call Intelligent Transportation System Services REVISED RFP-1609: Statewide On... Nebraska Aug 27, 2016
RFP-1608 Statewide On-Call Curb Ramp Design REVISED RFP-1608: On-Call Curb Ramp Design Services RFP-... Nebraska Aug 27, 2016
NEARNG CATS-M Training Aids/Simulator Building Project Nebraska Sep 1, 2016
RFP-1611: Development of a Public Involvement Process and Procedures Manual REVISED RFP-1611: Develo... Nebraska Aug 28, 2016
Food Service Equipment - 17th Street Dining Nebraska Aug 31, 2016
Z/OS Mainframe Virtual Tape Storage Environment Nebraska Oct 5, 2016
Stratton Campaign Hats Nebraska Aug 26, 2016
RFP-1610 Nebraska Statewide Freight Plan RFP-1610: Short-list Interview Schedule RFP-1610 Final Sele... Nebraska Aug 26, 2016
RFP-1614: On-call Bridge Design Services Nebraska Sep 1, 2016
NEARNG O'Neill Readiness Center Nebraska Aug 30, 2016
NOTICE - Lift Station Security Lighting Nebraska Sep 6, 2016
Glock Models 21SF & 30 Magazines Nebraska Aug 30, 2016
Highlander 75 North Public Improvements N. 30th Street, Parker Street to JC Wade Nebraska Aug 26, 2016
Water/Wastewater Infrastructure Sgt Bluff, IA - Riverbend Utility Improvements, Sergeant Bluff, IA -... Nebraska Aug 30, 2016
Paving (Highway, Road and Street Paving) Schuyler East 16th Street Asphalt Overlay, CDBG 14-CIS-005 Nebraska Aug 31, 2016
72nd Street Culvert Rehabilitation Nebraska Aug 26, 2016
NEARNG McCook AFRC Sustainstainment Nebraska Aug 30, 2016
FM Transmission Line With ERI MACX 350A, 3-1/8" 50 OHM Rigid Coaxial Line Nebraska Sep 26, 2016
Street Improvement District No. 182 Nebraska Aug 30, 2016
Wind Profiler for Sale (Investment Recovery) Nebraska Aug 31, 2016
FM Transmission Line With ERI MACX 350A, 3-1/8" 50 OHM Rigid Coaxial Line Nebraska Aug 26, 2016
Web-Based Law Library Database, Accessible, Via Internet Explorer Version 10 and Higher Nebraska Sep 1, 2016
Licensee Assistance Program (LAP) Nebraska Sep 8, 2016
Redeck Structure C006311610 – Nance County, NE Nebraska Nov 1, 2016
Provide a Meter Data Management System, Advanced Meter Infrastructure, Demand Management System, and... Nebraska Sep 23, 2016
UNO - Criss Library Foundation Waterproofing & South Mall Drainage Nebraska Aug 30, 2016
Excavation of West Pond Sediment Nebraska Aug 26, 2016
OPS - Dr. J.P. Lord Replacement School Nebraska Aug 30, 2016
Grading and Paving - Rokeby Road So. 84th to So. 98th Nebraska Aug 31, 2016
Version of a Commercial NIBRS (National Incident Based Reporting System) Repository Nebraska Sep 20, 2016
SALT CREEK NORTH TRIBUTARIES AND CREEKS WATERSHED MASTER PLAN - Professional Engineering Services Nebraska Sep 2, 2016
Water Main Replacement 702782 in Sumner & Oldham From 53rd to 56th Street (PW/U - Eng. Services) Nebraska Aug 31, 2016
Oxbow Animal Health New Office & Production Facility Nebraska Aug 30, 2016
NE Highway 66 Bridge Water Main Relocation Nebraska Aug 31, 2016
Union Park Fountain Repurposing Nebraska Aug 26, 2016
Provide Helicopter Maintenance Services On Various Transmission Lines Nebraska Aug 31, 2016
Vendor Registration Form Werner Park Parking Lot Repairs Nebraska Sep 1, 2016
Non-Clog Submersible Wetwell Mixer Nebraska Aug 26, 2016
Sewer and Water Construction Airport Water Main Extension Nebraska Sep 7, 2016
65086 706 Trail, Falls City, NE 68355 / NLETS Nebraska Sep 1, 2016
NDOR August 12 Letting Nebraska Nov 1, 2016
Re-Roof Project at Municipal Service Center Nebraska Aug 26, 2016
South Library Parking Lot Nebraska Aug 26, 2016
Emergency Generator Installation Project Number: Afe I-050 Nebraska Sep 8, 2016
Partial Roof Replacement Project Number: Afe I-047 Nebraska Sep 8, 2016
Northeast Community College Weller Replacement Nebraska Sep 7, 2016
City of Council Bluffs - CBAC Avenue J Reconstruction Nebraska Sep 1, 2016
RFP-1612: Development of An Environmental Process and Procedures Manual REVISED RFP-1612: Developmen... Nebraska Sep 14, 2016
RFP-1613: Contract Management for the Development of An Environmental Process and a Procedures Manua... Nebraska Sep 14, 2016