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California Government Bids

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CHFFA05-17 - Financial Analyst Services California Apr 25, 2018
IFB C5607876-D Brine Concentrate & Sludge Removal Services California May 10, 2018
Talent Management System (stp) California Aug 14, 2018
Construction Management Services for the San Bernardino Santa Fe Depot Structure Repair Project California Apr 26, 2018
Cloud Backup Services for Glenn Superior Court California Apr 24, 2018
West McKinley AC Pavement Overlay From Marks to Hughes California May 1, 2018
Forensic Pathology Autopsy Services California May 21, 2018
Recreation and Facilities Software System California May 1, 2018
RFQ of DB-Entities for the Digested Sludge Dewatering... California May 9, 2018
Clifton Court Road Bridge Repair and Jersey Island... California Apr 24, 2018
Fashion Valley Transit Center Stair Pan Replacement California May 3, 2018
Rebuild of Bombardier Rail Cars California May 4, 2018
RFP #9031 – Engineering Services for Gravity Belt Thickener No. 3 Addition Project Posted Marc... California Apr 25, 2018
Pump Efficiency Testing Services California Apr 23, 2018
Emergency Generator Services - Ongoing Maintenance... California May 9, 2018
Request for Proposal for Annual Street Maintenance Services Fy 2018-2021 California Apr 26, 2018
Liquid Cationic Emulsion Polymer California May 24, 2018
Request for Proposal for Annual Street Maintenance Services 2018 - 2021 California Apr 26, 2018
Westport Heights Elementary School California Apr 23, 2018
Atherton Civic Center Project California May 22, 2018
JOC Electrical (C-10 License), SF, Sam Mateo, Santa Clara & ... Cost: Not to Exceed $5 Million California May 3, 2018
Rfq #tlarc-612 - S Weeper Brooms California Apr 27, 2018
Prepare a Project Study Report and New Connection Report for the Wildwood Canyon Road Interchange Pr... California Apr 24, 2018
Professinal Auditing Services California Jun 30, 2020
New Community Multi-Use Facility California Apr 23, 2018
HVAC Maintenance 2018-19 California Apr 26, 2018
Rfp - Financial Auditing Services California Apr 30, 2018
Placer County Is Inviting Proposals From Qualified Providers to Provide Comprehensive, Specialty Men... California Apr 24, 2018
T3 B/A E Retail Specialty Store, T3 B/A E Candy Kiosk, and the T3 B/A E and IT B/A G Wellness Conces... California Jun 13, 2018
HVAC Duct Cleaning and Sealing Project California Apr 23, 2018
Terminal 3 and International Terminal Electronics Store Concession Leases California Jun 13, 2018
For COMMENTS ONLY - Request for Qualifications to Develop the Northside Area at Los Angeles Internat... California May 1, 2018
Granite Skate Park Safety Repairs California Apr 25, 2018
Request for Proposal for Landscape Architect and Engineering Services California Apr 23, 2018
Request for Proposal (RFP) for IT Services California Sep 8, 2018
Waste Characterization Study California Apr 26, 2018
North Spring Street Bridge Phase 2 Engineering Bureau, Public Works California Apr 25, 2018
B2018-09 Bid for Fire Station 1 Restroom Renovation California May 9, 2018
P1799095 - Repair Expansion Joint On Raceways California Apr 25, 2018
142411 A&e Chp San Bernardino Replacement Facility, Loma Linda California Apr 27, 2018
RFP 18-3001 Tribal Indian Child Welfare Advocates Training California Apr 27, 2018
RFQu #18-008 - Inten Sive Case Ma Nagement Services (I CMS) California Apr 21, 2018
Bid 344 Advertisement, Library Building Waterproofing, Irvine Valley College California Apr 21, 2018
Landscaping Services and Maintenance Services California Jul 1, 2018
Parking Meter Coin Collection and Maintenance Serv California Apr 25, 2018
RFP for Preparation of a Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan California May 9, 2018
Bid #v17180493pwb - Cte Projects at Rbv California Apr 21, 2018
Enterprise Permits, Project, License, Code, Land California Jun 8, 2018
The Purpose of This QUOTE Is to Solicit for the Provision of a Commerical Paper Shredder for the Elk... California Apr 21, 2018
Brentwood 3 MG Non-Potable Storage Facility California Apr 24, 2018