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Alaska Government Bids

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2015C018 Asplund WW Primary Clarifier No. 3 and Sludge Thickener No. 2 Upgrades Alaska Apr 3, 2015
2015B013 Furnish Transfer Trailers Alaska Apr 3, 2015
Dept of Transportation & Public Facilities - Southcoast Region Notice of Open House & Reques... Alaska Oct 8, 2017
Procurement of Vactor 2100 Plus PD Sewer Cleaner Alaska Apr 2, 2015
WSCA-NASPO Auto Parts Alaska Apr 21, 2015
Board of Agriculture and Conservation Meeting Alaska May 1, 2015
Continuing Education Course Approval Fee - Board of Marital and Family Therapy Alaska Apr 6, 2015
ADL 108055 Coffman Cove Loop Subdivision Proposed State Land Sale in Southern Southeast Alaska, Noti... Alaska Apr 7, 2015
RFP - Promoting Successful Transitions for Youth Alaska Apr 15, 2015
RFP - Mentorship for Independent Living Alaska Apr 15, 2015
State Emergency Response Commission Alaska Apr 10, 2015
RFP - Strong and Caring Family Circles of Support Alaska Apr 8, 2015
Application, Licensure Requirements, License for Supervised Practice, Continuing Education, Course A... Alaska Apr 6, 2015
Boards and Commissions Vacancy Report Alaska Sep 30, 2015
ITB 61767 Richardson Hwy MP 295 Banner Creek Bridge #0526 Replacement Alaska Apr 2, 2015
Iditapark Water Building Project - Phase IV Alaska Apr 7, 2015
Proposed Reconveyance Native Allotment in McGrath Area Alaska Apr 4, 2015
2015P015 Provide Professional Information Technology Services Alaska Apr 4, 2015
2015P014 Provide Professional Civil Engineering, Hydrological, Wtr Quality Svs Alaska Apr 4, 2015
Proporsed Reconveyance Native Allotment in Iliamna Area Alaska Apr 4, 2015
Notice of Preliminary Decision to Approve Alaska Electric & Energy Cooperative (AEEC) Soldotna C... Alaska Apr 3, 2015
KRPUA Permit to Construct Phase II Alaska Jun 30, 2015
RFP - Alcohol Safety Action Program (Adult and Juvenile) Alaska Apr 9, 2015
State Training and Employment Program (STEP) Request for Grant Applications FY2016 Alaska Apr 25, 2015
Alaska Criminal Justice Commission Rural Criminal Justice Workgroup 4/7/14 Alaska Apr 8, 2015
Alaska Criminal Justice Commission Pre- and Post- Trial Laws and Processes Workgroup 4/28/15 Alaska Apr 29, 2015
Alaska Criminal Justice Commission 4/28/15 Alaska Apr 29, 2015
Amendment One, Invitation to Bid (ITB) #VSW-KWN-2015-07, Purchase of Insulated Pipe and Fittings, Qu... Alaska Apr 27, 2015
IRFP 092-0409-15, Develop a Tier II Web-Based Reporting System and Produce Product Design Specificat... Alaska Jul 1, 2015
Ryan Middle Replacement Alaska Apr 9, 2015
Notice of Proposed Issuance of An Alaska Pollutant Discharge Elimination System General Permit to Di... Alaska Apr 11, 2015
ADA-72290 Proposal to Lease State Airport Land at Kivalina Airport Alaska Apr 9, 2015
Notice of Alaska Juvenile Advisory Committee (AJJAC) Meeting Alaska Apr 26, 2015
SEF-1968 ITB Airport Shuttle Buses for TSAIA Alaska Apr 10, 2015
Frequently Asked Questions About Proposed Landing Fees at Deadhorse Airport Alaska Jan 1, 2016
Proporsed Reconveyance Native Allotment in Dot Lake Area Alaska Apr 13, 2015
Public Review (ADL 420358) GCI Fiber Optic Easement Alaska Apr 9, 2015
Public Review Draft Southeast State Forest Management Plan Released for Comment Alaska May 1, 2015
Title 4 - Board of Education and Early Development - Charter Schools and Charter School Transportati... Alaska Apr 8, 2015
Notice of Decision On Request for Determination of Whether a Certificate of Need Is Required Alaska Apr 9, 2015
Title 3 - Alaska Energy Authority - Loans From the Power Project Fund Alaska Apr 8, 2015
ADA-09044 Proposal to Lease State Airport Land at Homer Airport Alaska Apr 9, 2015
RFQ 12-132923 for Procurement of a Trooper Housing Unit in Lliamna or Newhalen, Alaska. Alaska Mar 31, 2016
AK Dept of Transportation Southcoast Region Notice of Intent to Begin Eng. & Env. Studies: HNS-S... Alaska Apr 18, 2015
Air-Cooled Condensing System Alaska May 1, 2015
Adoption of the Petersville Recreational Mining Area Management Plan Alaska Apr 2, 2015
ADL 232140 Private Non-exclusive Easement for Collocation of Fiber Optic Line With Existing Utility ... Alaska Apr 2, 2015
Alaska Vaccine Assessment Program Council Meeting Alaska Jun 2, 2015
ITB 15-14-203429 Port MacKenzie Rail Extension Segment 5 Construction Alaska Nov 1, 2015