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Alaska Government Bids

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Term Contract for Animal Control and Protection Services Alaska Oct 29, 2014
NordAq Energy, Inc. Tulimaniq #1 North Slope Exploratory Drilling Alaska Nov 4, 2014
Public Notice: Preliminary Decision Southeast Aquatic Farm Leases Alaska Nov 1, 2014
Preliminary Decision for a Proposed Land Offering - Monument Creek Remote Recreational Cabin Sites P... Alaska Nov 15, 2014
Chiniak Highway Erosion Response Design Services Alaska Dec 26, 2014
2014 Competitive Land Sale Alaska Oct 31, 2014
High School Graduation Requirements Alaska Jul 1, 2017
Adl 228795 Montana Creek Dog Mushers Assn. Alaska Oct 29, 2014
Petersville Recreational Mining Area Management Plan Alaska Nov 1, 2014
Charter Schools Alaska Dec 4, 2014
2014Q072 Furnish Flir BrandThermal Imaging Camera With IR Lens Alaska Oct 29, 2014
2014B069 Provide Outdoor Ice Rink Maintenance Operations Alaska Nov 1, 2014
Review of Application for Recall of John Atchak Alaska Oct 3, 2015
Application for Public Access Easement - Aurora Dog Mushing Trails South of Bike Lake, Alaska Alaska Nov 3, 2014
2014C071 MOA Physical Therapy TI Alaska Nov 2, 2014
CommVault Maintenance Renewal Alaska Nov 4, 2014
Notice of Sale North Slope Areawide 2014W, North Slope Foothills Areawide 2014, and Beaufort Sea Are... Alaska Nov 19, 2014
RFP 2015-0222-2748 Uniformed Unarmed Security Services Alaska Mar 31, 2017
2015 Shore Fishery Lease Extension List Alaska Nov 14, 2014
Alaska’s SHARP Program — Providing Support-for-Service to Healthcare Clinicians Alaska Dec 6, 2014
Assessments and Participation Guidelines Alaska Dec 4, 2014
Notice of Proposal to Issue a Solid Waste Disposal Permit to the City of Aniak to Operate An Existin... Alaska Nov 17, 2014
Correspondence Study Programs Alaska Dec 4, 2014
(Supplemental Notice) Occupational License Fees - Board of Dental Examiners Alaska Oct 31, 2014
Kodiak Soil & Water Conservation District Board of Supervisors Meeting Alaska Nov 8, 2014
Point Hope Power Plant: Utilidor Upgrades – Utilidor Phase, CIP No. 13-259 Alaska Oct 30, 2014
Request for Bids  Skagway Boat Maintenance Building - Phase II Alaska Oct 31, 2014
Weatherization Service Providers Alaska Nov 7, 2014
Accountability Alaska Dec 4, 2014
2014C072 Barrow St 10th 11th Alley Wtr and Sewer Upgrades Alaska Oct 30, 2014
Notice of Decision On Request for Determination of Whether a Certificate of Need Is Required Alaska Oct 31, 2014
Natural and Cultural History Respositories Alaska Dec 4, 2014
Restraint and Seclusion of Students Alaska Dec 4, 2014
Notice of Carrier Petition Regarding Public Interest Pay Telephones Alaska Oct 29, 2014
ADA-07173 Proposal to Extend Lease of State Airport Land at King Salmon Airport Alaska Oct 31, 2014
Residential Schools Alaska Dec 4, 2014
Faf Dof Notice of Timber Sales Alaska May 31, 2018
RFP 2015-0800-2749 Performing Agreed Upon Procedures And/or Other Auditing Services Alaska Nov 6, 2014
ADA-09035 Proposal to Permit State Airport Land at Aniak Airport Alaska Nov 3, 2014
Invitation to Bid 15055-Module Fabrication Alaska Nov 4, 2014
Notice of Utility Tariff Filing Alaska Nov 3, 2014
2014B077 Furnish Cemetery Maintenance and Burial Services Alaska Nov 2, 2014
Lake Louise Area Snowmachine Trail Public Recreation Easement Public Notice Alaska Nov 4, 2014
ADA-09023 Sealed Bid Offering - Proposal to Lease State Airport Land at Homer Airport Alaska Oct 30, 2014
PUBLIC NOTICE Kahiltna Gas Exploration Well Alaska Oct 28, 2014
Application for Public Access Easement - Widening and Repair of Suravak Road in Aleknagik, Alaska Alaska Oct 27, 2014
ADL 420298, Catherine Calicutt, Notice of Application for Private Easement for Bridge Across Piledri... Alaska Oct 27, 2014
Common Core Standards Initiative Alaska Dec 4, 2014
Notice of Utility Tariff Filings Alaska Oct 30, 2014
Nunapitchuk Airport Maintenance Re-Bid, Project No. 15-25A-1-022 Alaska Nov 15, 2014