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Alaska Government Bids

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Pine Bluff Dew Drop Drain Rehabilitation Alaska Jul 23, 2014
McGehee Municipal Airport Apron Expansion Phase III Alaska Jul 23, 2014
Expedited Landscaping at 1525 Boniface Parkway In Anchorage, AK #14T05-030 Alaska Jul 23, 2014
Order and Notice of Incorporation Election of the Proposed Second Class City of Edna Bay Alaska Sep 16, 2014
Transit Bus Advertising Space Alaska Jul 23, 2014
Invitation for Quotes: Platinum Airport Maintenance Re-Bid Alaska Aug 1, 2014
ADA-72237 Proposal to Lease State Airport Land at McCarthy Airport Alaska Jul 24, 2014
Takotna Community Landfill Alaska Jul 26, 2014
Notice of Preliminary Decision to Approve Air Quality Control Construction Permit Application for Ex... Alaska Jul 24, 2014
ADA-71299 Proposal to Extend a State Airport Land Lease at Quartz Creek Airport Alaska Jul 28, 2014
50500 Proposal to Extend a Lease at the Klawock Airport Alaska Jul 26, 2014
Medicaid Pharmacy Prior Authorization Alaska Aug 1, 2014
Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission Alaska Aug 1, 2014
2014B048 Furnish Two Each Refuse Collection Front Loading Garbage Trucks Alaska Jul 25, 2014
UAA KPC Brockel Building Renewal Alaska Aug 30, 2014
Comments: 5 Year Amended State Plan, Governor's Council On Disabilities and Special Education Alaska Aug 10, 2014
Notice: Preliminary Decision for ADL 108106 Tideland Lease for a Seafood Processing Dock Alaska Jul 29, 2014
Title 18 - Environmental Conservation - Milk and Milk Products Alaska Jul 25, 2014
Title 3 - Alaska Energy Authority - Power Cost Equalization Alaska Jul 25, 2014
2014Q044 Furnish Landscaping Base Block Alaska Jul 26, 2014
2014B045 Furnish NetApp Storage System Alaska Jul 26, 2014
2014B044 Provide On Site Vehicle Washing Services On An As Needed Basis Alaska Jul 26, 2014
2014C052 Checkmate Drive Sidewalk Improvements Alaska Jul 26, 2014
Purchase of a 6x4 Railroad Boom Truck Alaska Jul 24, 2014
ADA-08211 Proposal to Extend a State Airport Land Lease at Kodiak Airport Alaska Jul 25, 2014
ITB # 2514N020; Calcium Chloride, Bladders - Northern Region; State and Federally Funded Lots Alaska Aug 1, 2014
2014P027NS Computer Aided Dispatch CAD - Records Mgmt System RMS Alaska Jul 24, 2014
2014P028NS Provide Indigent Defense Legal Services Conflict Counsel Alaska Jul 24, 2014
Kettleson Memorial Library Expansion Alaska Jul 24, 2014
Municipal Building Penthouse Siding & Roof Replacement Alaska Jul 24, 2014
Notice of Application for Renewal of An Oil Discharge Prevention and Contingency Plan for Petro Mari... Alaska Jul 29, 2014
2013-P034DC Construction Services AWWTF Disinfection Upgrade Project Alaska Jul 27, 2014
Alaska Energy Authority, Invitation to Bid (ITB) 15003 Construction and Freight - On Behalf of Atmau... Alaska Jul 25, 2014
Notice of Preliminary Decision to Approve Air Quality Control Minor Permit for the United States Air... Alaska Jul 28, 2014
ADA-09013 Proposal to Permit the Use of State Airport Land at Hooper Bay Airport Alaska Jul 31, 2014
2014B051 Provide Temporary Employment Services for Professional Employees Alaska Jul 27, 2014
2014C051 North Point Drive Water Rehabilitation Alaska Jul 27, 2014
ADA-72245 Proposal to Lease State Airport Land at Fort Yukon Airport Alaska Jul 30, 2014
Tideland Lease in Sitka Sound Alaska Jul 29, 2014
Notice of Public Hearing H 14-03, The 2015 National Council On Compensation Insurance, Inc. Workers'... Alaska Sep 21, 2014
Medicaid Payment and Coverage for Transportation Services Alaska Aug 2, 2014
2014C050 Russian Jack Greenhouse Electrical Service Upgrades Alaska Jul 25, 2014
2014Q045 Provide Bus Driver Uniforms On An As Needed Basis Alaska Jul 26, 2014
Title 4 - Board of Education and Early Development - Pupil Transportation Alaska Jul 25, 2014
Osceola Blue Oak Recycling Plant Water and Sewer Improvements Alaska Jul 26, 2014
Title 20 - Alaska Student Loan Corporation - Student Loans and Origination Fees Alaska Jul 25, 2014
Filed Permanent Regulations: Pupil Transportation Alaska Jun 26, 2015
Notice of Filing and Effective Date of Regulations of the Alaska Student Loan Corporation Alaska Jul 26, 2014
Notice of Proposal to Issue Air Quality Permit to the US Army Garrison, Fort Greely for Fort Greely ... Alaska Jul 28, 2014
RFP_Hydrographic_Survey-1.pdf Alaska Jul 30, 2014