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Alaska Government Bids

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Notice of Carrier Petition Regarding Public Interest Pay Telephones Alaska May 31, 2016
Alaska Highway Safety Office FY17 Grant Solicitation Alaska May 31, 2016
Supplemental Notice of Proposed Changes in the Regulations of the Board of Marine Pilots Alaska Jun 2, 2016
Notice of Intent to Discharge Bark and Wood Debris in Edna Bay, Kosciusko Island From a New Log Tran... Alaska Jun 2, 2016
2016P020 Arctic Blvd Improvements Phase III 36th to Tudor Road Alaska Jun 2, 2016
Cancellation Notice: IFB #ANTHC 16-B-90924, Purchase of Insulated Arctic Pipe, Fittings, and Arctic ... Alaska Jun 2, 2016
Amendment to DOT&PF Land Use Permit LAS 29992: Geo-Technical Investigation Activities for MP 75-... Alaska Dec 31, 2016
RFP No. 2516H024 Airline Representative and Liaison AIAS Alaska Jun 10, 2016
Notice for ADL 108081 Judy Magnuson Easement Application Alaska Aug 1, 2016
2016C036 2016 Parks & Recreation Fence Contract Alaska Jun 2, 2016
Notice of Analysis and Proposed Decision TAPS Lease Amendment, Fuel Gas Line Valve Replacements Alaska Jun 6, 2016
Central Region - Seasonal WR Effective 05.02.2016 Alaska Jul 29, 2016
Notice of Proposal to Issue Air Quality Control Operating Permit, Revision 2 to Doyon Utilities, LLC... Alaska May 31, 2016
Lease Agreement ADA-32076 The Boeing Company at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport Alaska Jun 30, 2018
Utility Easement Near Mile 30 Steese Highway - ADL 420635 Alaska May 31, 2016
DEADLINE EXTENTION - Update to Portions of Annex B of the Alaska Federal/State Preparedness Plan for... Alaska May 31, 2016
Notice of Application for a Permit to Apply Pesticides to Control Invasive Elodea in Chena Lake, Che... Alaska Jun 2, 2016
Request for Comments On Proposed Draft Application for Assignment of Environmental Responsibilities ... Alaska May 31, 2016
Invitation to Bid - Crushed Rock Alaska May 31, 2016
ADA-72369 Proposal to Allow Use of State Airport Land at Kotzebue Airport Alaska Jun 2, 2016
Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission Alaska Jun 10, 2016
Notice of Intent to Begin Engineering and Environmental Studies; Minnesota Drive: Seward to Tudor Pa... Alaska Jun 25, 2016
Notice of Utility Tariff Filing Alaska Jun 2, 2016
Lease Agreement ADA-90816 at Fairbanks International Airport Alaska Jun 15, 2016
2016C035 Southcentral Utility Acquisition Country Lane Alaska Jun 1, 2016
Springdale Emma Avenue Waterline Improvements Alaska Jun 3, 2016
2016P021 Provide Prof. Engineering Svcs for Two Treatment Facility Projects Alaska Jun 3, 2016
2016Q015 Replacement of Exit Signs Alaska Jun 3, 2016
IFB #ANTHC 16-B-69033, ANMC Emergency Department Casework Supply/Install Alaska Jun 3, 2016
ANTHC-16-B-70633 Addendum 001 Alaska Jun 3, 2016
IRFP # 160011903 - Fairbanks International Airport Air Service Development Video Alaska Jul 4, 2016
Notice of Depreciation Filing Alaska Jun 6, 2016
RFP 02563024, Term Agreement – Southcoast Region Construction Administration Alaska Jun 30, 2018
Columbarium Purchase 2016 Addendum No. 1 Alaska Aug 30, 2016
Art Supplies Alaska Jun 3, 2016
Aviation Advisory Board Teleconference Alaska Jun 1, 2016
Regarding Disposal of An Interest in Municipal Trust Land in Manley Hot Springs, Alaska By the Munic... Alaska Jun 5, 2016
RFP 2016-0300-3344 Legal Services Related to Pipeline Matters Regulated By the Federal Energy Regula... Alaska Jun 3, 2016
Expendable Product Vendors Alaska Jun 2, 2016
Bakery Goods Vendors Alaska Jun 2, 2016
Elfin Cove Decision of Negotiated Land Sale Alaska Jun 7, 2016
ITB # 2516N025, Hot Mix, Type II, "As Needed", Cantwell (Federally Funded) Alaska Jul 4, 2016
FY18 Harbor Facility Grant Program - Applications Now Available Alaska Oct 1, 2016
Notice of An Application for An Oil Discharge Prevention & Contingency Plan Renewal, Caelus Natu... Alaska Jun 6, 2016
Juneau International Airport Advertising Concession Alaska Jun 16, 2016
Juneau International Airport Advertising Concession Alaska Jun 16, 2016
2016C037 Rosemary to Arca Water Upgrade Alaska Jun 5, 2016
16-15 PWSC Exterior Renovation Alaska Jun 5, 2016
Pioneer Park Water Connection Alaska Jun 7, 2016
National Service Program & Financial MGMT Web Based System Alaska Jun 2, 2016