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Medical, Health, and Laboratory Bids

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Various Specialty Gases/cylinders (K8A21-170888/A) Ontario Mar 8, 2017
Security Services For Mental Health and Addictions and Provincial Palliative Care Center-Health PEI ... Prince Edward Island Mar 2, 2017
Digital X-ray Services for the Office of the State Medical Examiners Rhode Island Mar 2, 2017
Health Care Analytics Utah Mar 1, 2017
Dental Services for Davis County Jail Utah Mar 6, 2017
Microbiology Laboratory Services for the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) (G0400) Ontario Mar 14, 2017
Bid# 30-17 Medical and Training Louisiana Mar 5, 2017
17-001: First Aid Supplies New York Feb 24, 2017
MMCAP - Pharmaceuticals & Over the Counter Products Maine Mar 1, 2017
Culturally-appropriate Level 4 and Level 5 Out-of-Territory Residential Long-Term Care Services for ... Ontario Mar 24, 2017
RFP - Residential Dual Diagnosis Treatment in OCC Colorado Mar 6, 2017
The Intent of This Request for Proposals (RFP) Is to Provide Respondents With Sufficient Information... Texas Mar 2, 2017
Laredo CAMS Operation Texas Feb 28, 2017
Request for Proposals for Client Management and Monitoring System for Neighborhood Center for Famili... Florida Mar 2, 2017
17-0004 Addendum 1 Medical Services For Sedgwick County Division Of Corrections 02/07 Kansas Mar 2, 2017
RFP 3959: for the Acquisition of a Turbidity Monitoring System for the MS Dept. of Transportation. Mississippi Mar 3, 2017
Waco CAMS Operation Texas Feb 28, 2017
Kentucky Clinic K201 and J201 Refurbishments UK Planroom Kentucky Feb 28, 2017
Supply and Delivery of Health Care Services Uniforms Ontario Shared Services Textiles and Apparel Ontario Mar 17, 2017
Diagnostic Instruments and Accessories Georgia Mar 22, 2017
Replacement of X-Ray Equipment (Medical) for the Downtown Detention Facility Texas Mar 2, 2017
Term Contract for the Purchase of Potassium Hydroxide Florida Mar 1, 2017
This Is a Minnesota MultiState Contracting Alliance for Pharmacy Solicitation for Pharmaceuticals an... Hawaii Mar 31, 2017
The Intent of This Request for Proposals (RFP) Is to Provide Respondents With Sufficient Information... Texas Feb 28, 2017
Coordinating Efforts to Enhance Hospitals' Role in Population Health New Jersey Mar 3, 2017
Fully/Semi-Automated Autoimmune Disease Testing Analyzer(s) Include Reagents Consumables and Service Texas Feb 27, 2017
Fully/Semi-Automated Infectious Disease and Serology Testing Analyzer(s) Include Reagents Consumable Texas Feb 27, 2017
Veterinary Services Louisiana Mar 1, 2017
MMCAP Issued: RFP Pharmaceuticals & OvertheCounter Products Colorado Mar 1, 2017
RFP No. 1702-03 Full Scale Exercise New Hampshire Feb 25, 2017
Loi: Medication Aide Training Professionals/consultants Rhode Island Dec 29, 2017
Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) Treatment Systems Including Products and Services HCHD Texas Feb 27, 2017
Custom Configured Glove Box Iowa Mar 2, 2017
Test Arizona Feb 26, 2017
Pre-placed Emergency Contract for Equipment Rental Louisiana Mar 7, 2017
Pre-placed Emergency Equipment Rental Louisiana Mar 7, 2017
RFP - Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Alaska Mar 31, 2017
RFP - Health Promotion and Disease Prevention The Department of Health and Social Services, Division... Alaska Mar 31, 2017
2017-039P: Supply And Delivery Of Lift And Bathing Equipment For The Region Of Peel’s Long Ter... Ontario Mar 2, 2017
Addendum #1 Psych & Psychological Svcs for Residents at JWH West Virginia Mar 2, 2017
Health Immunization Registry RFI Vermont Feb 28, 2017
RFP-Electronic Clinical Quality Measurement Reporting and Feedback System (107 Pages) Rhode Island Mar 15, 2017
Ocular Prosthesis Services and Devices - IFB # SD16-00082 California Mar 1, 2017
Health Services Inspections for Bexar County Texas Feb 24, 2017
RFP S17022 Drug Testing Laboratory Services 2/28/17 Active Carolyn Vargas VTA Seeks Proposals From Q... California Feb 28, 2017
Purchasing Department BIDS / PROPOSALS RSS Michigan Mar 3, 2017
Blood Sample Collection Services New York Feb 24, 2017
COXSACKIE - EYE EQUIPMENT - OCT and VFT New York Feb 24, 2017
Natural Resources, Physics & Biology Remodels - Appleton Wisconsin Mar 2, 2017
Bid: Instructional Material & Supplies, Service Providers, & Consumable Items Texas Mar 2, 2017