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Frequent Questions

We've compiled some frequently asked questions below. If there is no answer to your question, feel free to contact us.

How does BidPrime find bids?

BidPrime monitors over 110,000 entities and sources where government entities post their bids. These range from official government websites, purchasing cooperatives, private websites, and numerous newspaper classifieds. In addition, many agencies send BidPrime vendor solicitations.

What types of bids does BidPrime provide?

BidPrime's database contains leads from across the United States, including state agencies, cities, counties, schools, universities, and utility districts. In addition, the Large Region and Nationwide plans offer leads from FedBizOpps and the US Military.

How do I purchase a subscription to BidPrime?

You may set up your account easily through our website to subscribe now. Alternatively, you may call our Sales line at 1-888-808-5356 ext. 1 to set up and pay for an account by phone.

I forgot my username or password.

Your email address may be used as your username. If you forgot your password, click here and follow the instructions. If you have any difficulties, or if your email address has changed, please contact our support team at 1-888-808-5356 ext. 2.

Does BidPrime's free trial require a credit card?

No. The free trial offered automatically expires at the end of the trial, and no payment or upgrade fee is charged unless you choose to upgrade to a paid member account. If your trial is suspended or awaiting review, please give us 24 hours to confirm. We review trials who are not in our government vendor database to ensure accuracy of information and prevent abuse from other bid services.

Does BidPrime's free trial give me full member access?

Yes. BidPrime is the only noted service in that industry that provides a free, full access member trial. We offer more in depth account training and a thorough setup consultation after subscribing.

How do I receive bids from BidPrime?

BidPrime automatically matches users to bid opportunities using a variety of methods that use keywords, categories, and purchasing codes. Upon setting up an account, multiple automated search agents may be selected that ease the labor of searching for bids manually or setting up these searches on your own. These searches can be adjusted at any time by our users. Otherwise, an account technican can do this for you.

Can I have bids emailed to more than one email address?

Yes. BidPrime allows multiple email addresses to receive email alerts. The Nationwide Plan allows up to four email addresses and user accounts, and more may be added for a small additional fee.

Does BidPrime charge extra for customer service or account setup?

No. Our online support is the most efficient method for making changes to your account. It is also easier to email our support team to set up a time to speak with someone regarding any changes to your account or to assist with account setup. Upon becoming a member, we offer in depth account training and consultation to ensure you are set up to receive matching leads.

How much does BidPrime cost?

There are multiple plans to choose from depending upon the range of states needed. Currently, the Nationwide Plan is $2,800 per year. This includes state and local entities, including educational and public district opportunities. Additional upgrades may be made at a fee of $600 per year to add respective Federal Civilian or Military access to an account. We also have other plans available for fewer states. View our updated plans page at this link.

How do I get US Federal Civilian and Military bids?

Federal and Military access may be purchased for about $1200 per year. Please refer to the plans and pricing page for more details.

Can I cancel my service when I want?

Yes, of course. Our recurring plans may be canceled at any time to cease further billing to an account. Our plans have the option to automatically renew to lock in pricing long term. If you would like to cancel, please call our Support line at 1-888-808-5356 ext. 2 our contact BidPrime's online support team through the User Interface.

We also notify our annual accounts of their renewal 30 days and 10 days prior to the renewal date by email to ensure you are not surprised.