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Real-time government bid and contract database.

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About BidPrime

A technology-driven company.

BidPrime launched in 2009 with the mission to better consolidate state and local government bids and RFPs to provide a clear and timely window into government purchasing. The company uses proprietary technology and data mining software dedicated to gathering government bids, contracts, and awards in real-time. This technology, in effect, powers the only "newswire" of government procurement data on the market. BidPrime's clients are the first to discover newly released bid opportunities.

Many companies who do business with the government devote numerous personnel and resources to locating new, qualified government leads. Small businesses without such manpower are naturally at a competitive disadvantage. Businesses need not only be informed of bids and RFPs, but need to be informed on time to be competitive. Other bid databases lack the technology and skilled personnel to capture the many sources where bids and RFPs are published.

Instant bids. Instant awards.

BidPrime monitors bids and RFPs from over 110,000+ government entities and agencies. We do this through utilizing advanced and proprietary software which extracts data from official government websites, purchasing cooperatives, eprocurement portals, and numerous newspaper classifieds. In addition, some agencies send BidPrime vendor solicitations.

As of 2017, bids have an average lifespan of eleven business days. BidPrime's software ensures data capture almost instantly, giving our clients first access to new and undiscovered opportunities in the market. This feature is unmatched as the next leading service takes at least two business days to provide information to clients and avoids smaller municipalities where the cost of data collection is too high. While other services may operate software that streamlines bid collection, most of these services continue to obtain data through offshore data entry. This leads to greater overhead, miscoded bids, lack of qualitative oversight, and language/comprehension issues.

All of the above ensures coverage and data superiority, which provides BidPrime's clients with a greater number of opportunities, delivered on the same day of issue.

BidPrime is located and staffed in the Silicon Hills of Austin, Texas.


BidPrime is among the fastest growing companies in its industry known for its value, speed, and service. We are driven by the integrity of our data and providing the best service possible to our valued clients.